Danny Campbell - Founder of HOKO Design - the homeowners architect

At Hoko Design we are changing how homeowners experience architecture.

During his education, our founder Danny Campbell realised that traditional architecture was failing many homeowners. With limited options for homeowner-focussed architectural services, and inconsistent delivery and results he new that the status quo had to change. He started HOKO with one goal – to shake up architecture by doing things differently! We’re all about breaking the rules and taking on new challenges. Our experienced team strive for consistency in every project and believe that homeowners should be able to enjoy their own unique design vision without the uncertainty and stress of a traditional home improvement project.

To change how homeowners experience architecture we have developed logical and repeatable processes that are augmented by the highest specification software and hardware and delivered by a passionate, experienced team of architects. This allows us to deliver excellent results time after time on every project! On top of this we use immersive Virtual Reality rendering technology to help you step outside your drawing and live in your new space whilst still being able to tweak those finer details of the design. It might sound like a gadget but feedback from our clients has revealed how valuable it can be for ironing out the final iterations of a project and ensuring that the final design is perfect in both form and function.

The HOKO team of residential architects interior designers and architectural engineers
Homeowners discussing an architectural design with HOKO staff

We’re here to make your building project go as smoothly and quickly as possible, with our unique one-stop-shop philosophy leaving you less stressed at the end of each day. We can handle all aspects of a project from start-to-finish: be it a new build, extension or refurbishment project; we’re here to help you take your vision from inception all the way through completion. No project is too big or small!

One of our core beliefs is that every client should have the opportunity to fully understand the costs of their project before committing. That’s why we offer a free project quoting tool on our website, which you can use to get an idea of what your unique design will cost!

Your home is your most valuable asset, altering it can be life-changing. If you’re curious about taking the first step, contact us and we would be delighted to help.

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